Personal protective equipment like filtered masks has never been in such globally high-demand. And finding the right mask for the job has never been so important.

N95’s have become a well-known and sought-after mask type. However, there is another similar mask – the KN95.

N95 and KN95 masks contain the same filtration rate of 95% of particles greater than 0.3 microns. While N95 masks are the U.S. version of the WHO and CDC suggested respiratory masks, the KN95 is China’s. These two masks are also similar to Europe’s FFP2, Australia’s P2, South Korea’s KMOEL, and Japan’s DS masks.

Scientists around the world have been studying the effectiveness of masks against everything from pollutants in the air to viruses and bacteria. The KN95 masks have been scientifically proven to do just that.

One myth of the 95 series of masks is that they will only capture 95% of the particles 0.3 microns or larger, and everything else will slip by. This is not true. The filters can also catch smaller particles, which is why they do such a great job in slowing the spread of the virus.

Whether you are working on the front lines of today’s pandemic or walking through a grocery store, the KN95 will help keep you protected.


A KN95 respiratory mask is China’s version of the U.S. N95 mask. They have the same filtration rate of 95% of 0.3-micron particles. There are slight differences in breathing rate, meaning how hard a person needs to breathe to move air in and out of the mask. The KN95 mask is regulated under the government of China: Regulations GB2626-2006, GB262-2019, and GB19083-2010.


A standard of ≤ 8% leakage rate by china’s regulations means a snug fit from nose to under the chin. There is a nose clip to ensure a proper seal and little to no air escaping out or coming in without being filtered first.

To hold the mask in place are a set of elastic ear loops. These loops can either be worn around the ears or bound with a plastic clip behind the head for a tighter fit.


There are two versions of KN95 masks – one has four layers, the other has five. Though the four-layers KN95 masks are usually cheaper, the five-layer mask will provide more protection from pollutants, bacteria, and viruses. Also, the WHO and CDC recommend masks with five layers.

Making up the five layers are multiple micron filters, and ventilation fabrics made from nonwoven fabrics, hot air cotton, and melt-blown fabrics. The layers are bound together by melt-blowing, which creates a sterile, internal environment for your filter.


Fabrics designed for ventilation take water in mind as precipitation is a guarantee in breathing. The nonwoven fabrics used are water- and droplet-resistant for this reason. The particle filters first keep out larger particles, allowing for a second layer to filter out even smaller particles, making its way down to 0.3 microns, which is the suggested level by the WHO and CDC for COVID protection.

Hot air cotton is soft and pliable and allows air to move easier through it, while still filtering. This makes breathing with a mask on that much easier. The inside layer is made of a soft, hypoallergenic particle filter.

Putting materials made for water-resistance, more natural breathing, and filters designed for up to 0.3 microns together, creates a face mask that is both efficient and comfortable.


Like N95 masks, KN95 masks are effective at filtering 95% of particles larger than 0.3 microns.

Breathing resistance is slightly higher in the KN95 masks. This is in part due to the tighter fit requirements of the KN95, and because the U.S. requires N95 masks to have a lower resistance.

The effectiveness of the mask will be reduced once the lifespan of the product has been reached. That is why these are one-use masks, made to be disposed of. There are guidelines set in place by the CDC. See current guidelines for reusing masks here.


Getting the proper fit is key to using your mask to its full potential.

To ensure this, place the mask on your face, and the loops around your ears. When in a comfortable position, pinch the metal nose piece, so it fits snug along your face. Then, breathe normally.

For an even better fit, use the plastic clip to pull the ear loops behind your head and clip it into place. Using the plastic clip will help pull the mask tight enough that any small gaps between the mask and your face will close.

There is a caveat in fitting your mask – facial hair and small children may not get the tight seal required for full effectiveness. Children will require smaller masks for a proper fit, while facial hair will need to be fully inside the mask. Depending on the amount of facial hair, this may not be possible.


The KN95 mask is designed to be worn for up to 8 hours. After that time, it is meant to be disposed of.

However, because of the shortage of masks, the CDC has come up with guidelines in preserving and cleaning your N95 mask for future or extended uses. Please note that the guidelines can change at any time, so visit their website for the latest information.

Taken from the CDC’s website: Extended use is considered wearing of the same mask for repeated close contact encounters with several patients without removing the respirator mask between encounters.

Taken from the CDC’s website: Reuse is using the same respirator mask for different encounters, but removing it between uses and put into proper storage.

The CDC does recommend extended use over reuse, due to less touching of the mask. After extended use, the mask should be disposed of.

With that said, using the KN95 mask for no more than 8 hours is ideal, and what they are designed for.


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